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Where/when can I buy 4SOME smoothies?

Available online at TheFoodMarket.com and available in UK stores (check the 'Grab a 4SOME' section). We will be launching in the New York tristate area in 2017.

What does 4SOME mean?

4SOME stands for Fruits, vegetables, superseeds and wholegrains. The 4 key ingredients that make up our smoothies.

What is in a 4SOME Health drink?

Fruits, vegetables, superseeds and wholegrains. That's where our name comes from.

Is your product raw?

Our product is never heat treated. The ingredients are cold-pressed and then go through high pressure processing.

What is high pressure processing (HPP)?

HPP is a technology to kill pathogens in a food or beverage by using pressure rather than heat. Avoiding heat prevents the ingredients from breaking down and losing some of their functional benefits, such as their active enzymes.

Is your product vegan/plant-based?

Yes, all 4SOME Health products are made without any animal ingredients.

Is your product dairy free?

Yes, all 4SOME Health products are made without any dairy ingredients. In fact, they are 100% plant-based.

Is your product gluten-free?

Yes, all 4SOME Health products are 100% gluten-free, including the oats we use in our drinks.

Is your product non-gmo?

Yes, 4SOME Health uses no genetically modified ingredients. We are in the process of getting certified.

Is your product kosher or halal?

We are in the process of being certified, as we tick all the boxes here!

Do your products have any added sugar?

No, all of our products are naturally sweet from the fruits and vegetables contained in them. We do not add any sugar (natural or artificial) to our smoothies.

What kind of protein is used in 4SOME drinks?

4SOME Health smoothies contain protein from the four seeds we use and from the yellow pea, which has all nine essential amino acids. All of our products, and the proteins in them, are suitable for vegans, vegetarians and those with allergies.

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