Whilst in Las Vegas in 2013 for a conference (yeah right!) Dr Depen Patel, a dentist, was struggling to find natural protein drinks that weren't filled with artificial ingredients. Whilst letting his 'hair' down his frustration with his fruitless mission (pun intended) boiled over and he made a late night, slurred phone call to complain to his less than impressed sister Dipali in London.

After the Vegas business trip (ahem) they both sat down and compared notes. Dipali as a medical aesthetician had already seen first hand with her clients the damage that a poor diet and a lack of nutrients can do to the body and Depen had seen a similar pattern with his patients. And as vegetarians with a mainly plant based diet they were already making homemade smoothies to for a clean, natural and nutritious protein hit after their workouts and so they asked 'why can't one be made to buy on the go'?

And so after many arguments and a ton of mess in their kitchen mainly caused by Depen, 4SOME smoothies were born! (cue heavenly music). An on-the-go pick nutrition packed smoothie with 10grams of plant based protein made from natural ingredients with no added nasty stuff!


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