Power up!

Each time you drink a 4SOME, you suddenly feel ... well, powerful! The powerful combination of ingredients that make up each 4SOME smoothie will leave you feeling refreshed, revitalised and satisfied. The 10 grams of protein will help you recover and the strong nutritional content of the seeds and the fresh fruits, vegetables and superfoods will help boost your immune system, improve your health and give you a kick in the right direction for living that healthy lifestyle that you always intended to.

What's in it!

We called it 4SOME cause it contains a unique combination of fruits, vegetables, wholgrains and superseeds. Each flavour has a high vitamin and mineral profile, giving your body that superboost it deserves! Special mention to our four superseeds; Hemp, Flax, Pumpkin and Poppy seeds. These little guys help contribute to a healthy heart, liver and prostate and provide zinc for immune support. They are especially rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty Acids too. Poppy seeds are also rich in iodine, manganese, zinc and magnesium. Oh and did we mention, there's 10 grams of protein in every bottle too.

How it's made

All of our smoothies are cold pressed. That means we don't use heat in their production, so we don't kill of any of the nutritients. Quite simply, our smoothies have come straight from the blender and into the bottle. Following the cold pressed process we blend them and then apply pressure to give them their texture, and then place them on the shelf. No heat, no sugar and no funny stuff!

Real Food, Real Smoothies

We have worked hard to preserve all the goodness from the ingredients in our smoothies. We haven't tried any tricks to make them more colourful or to make them look bright and special. Our aim was to develop a smoothie that was packed with nutritional goodness, the way they are mean't to be. Seeds may settle from time to time, so be sure to give them a good shake!

.. and whatever else we decide to giveaway this month

We're so keen to let people try our smoothies, each month we give a load of bottles away. Join our mailing list for a chance to have your email picked out and to win a taste of the 4 superheroes! You never know, we might throw in some other cool gadgets from time to time also, or maybe a fully grown apple tree!?... or not!

This Month's Prize

This month we are giving away a sample taste of our smoothies to 10 lucky people! Sign up above for a chance to win the first taste of 4SOME before it hits the shelves this spring.